Bowes Railway Museum - August 2015

6th August 2015

All Change!

We’re working at Bowes Railway Museum.

‘The only remaining railway of its kind’. That is, a rope hauled railway. Designed to move coal from the surrounding Durham coalfield to the staithes at Jarrow for shipping throughout the world.

And whilst we like to think we are following in the footsteps of George Stephenson our work at the museum is architectural rather than engineering - though a part of that might come into play.

The museum has a range of vernacular buildings to provide welcome, shops and offices along with engine houses and ancillary stores. We've been asked to work on the Engineering Shed. It is the hub of the maintenance and repair that goes on at the railway.

Its wall to the highway is suffering from road traffic and salt spray and this is wearing away the stonework. Historic England have provided a grant for its repair and we are beginning to sort out what to do. So we are busy visiting site and organising stonemasons and our own engineer, to follow in George’s steps. 

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