Fulwell Mill - Restoration Commencement - May 2015

3rd June 2015

You wouldn't think it, as the cap fantail and sails come down. But it is the start of the restoration of the windmill.

With our millwright consultant, Beaumont Brown Architects have inspected and reported on the mill and found it to be in poor condition. We have produced technical and historical reports on the mill and assisted the client- Sunderland city Council in planning the future stages of restoration.

The mill is a wonderful historic structure and part of the history of Fulwell and its agricultural past. The present structure was built in 1808 on the site of a previous mill of c. 1785. The early C20th saw the removal of its original roller reef sails and installation of gas engine. The cap was repaired in 1955 and four dummy sails were fitted and doors and windows blocked up. It closed in 1956.

A growing realisation of the historic asset led to restoration work in the 1970’s with further works in 1987 by Tyne and Wear Industrial Monuments Trust. A restoration to a working mill was carried out from 1996- 2001.

The mill has a history of repair and adaption and its time has come again for renewal. There is a greater technical and historical knowledge these days to inform new work. So it is hoped to go back to basics with the intention of producing a historically and technically accurate mill in modern materials. 

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