Roker Pier and Lighthouse March 2014

19th March 2014

Beaumont Brown Architects has started the work of the restoration of the lighthouse and pier works. We are providing a multi disciplinary design team comprising architectural, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical and ecological services.

We are thrilled to be working on such an important project.

The complex of tunnel, pier and lighthouse are of exceptional significance both locally, regionally and nationally. The development represents the pinnacle of Victorian ingenuity, power of convictions and industry. And it’s in the North East.

There is more than just local pride in the project. It pioneers marine and civil engineering construction techniques. Even the use of natural colour of the lighthouse red and white granite to avoid repainting, shows the presence of mind and forward thinking that the project represents.

The complex remains mostly as it was when completed in 1903. The addition of a WWII torpedo battery at the end of the pier-the roundhead, to protect the harbour mouth, is also of great historical importance. It is evidence of the adaptations that had to be taken in times of extreme national emergency. The site is also part of the C20th military history of the eastern seaboard with the WWI Fulwell Sound Mirror that we are also restoring, directly west of the lighthouse.

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