World War One Centenary January/February 2014

26th January 2014

We were interviewed this month about the WWI Sound Mirror at Fulwell, Sunderland, by Jo Lonsdale of BBC Newcastle. Jo is one of the producers of the BBC’s major new series World War One At Home. The programmes are about how the Great War affected life at home and how local people and places played their part.

We talked of how the Sound Mirror was an early forerunner of radar and that its purpose was to provide early warning of an aerial threat, usually Zeppelins, which were approaching from the east. Their purpose was to destroy industry, threaten the harbours and ports and reduce moral. 

We are working with the City of Sunderland and English Heritage to not only restore the Mirror but also provide information and access to it.  We hope the restored Sound Mirror and programmes such as Jo’s will help explain this forgotten but vital part in the defence of our shores and bring a greater understanding of the peril that the people who lived and worked there faced.

The link is to BBC’s page on the programmes, which they hope to start broadcasting in late February this year.

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